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Hello folks,

Haven't been on here in a while.  Am just watching the first three episodes of Mob City, TNT's series about the mob in 1947 Los Angeles.

I'm liking it quite a lot so far. More than Boardwalk Empire, since I'm seeing more story than blood and sex. 

Very nice costuming.  Takes into account that folks are still wearing fashions from earlier times.  They are having grand fun with the men's ties. 

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I'm still a little jet lagged, and have been falling asleep around 9pm.  Thankfully, I got to see a few moments before passing out.  Glad to hear they're focusing on story since they can't pull the old HBO "we're going to say 'fuck' a lot just because we can" trick.

I watched the first two episodes on DVR last night and enjoyed them immensely.  I especially like the film noir theming, in that nobody is above reproach, and everyone has secrets.  Also, as a fan of The Walking Dead, it was a pleasure seeing Jon Bernthal and Jeffrey DeMunn again.

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