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A friend just drew my attention to some of the extreme art and monuments created by the communist Soviet Union during the 60s and 70s.


I've noticed other signs of modern dieselpunk design in railroads, buildings and automotive from the same era.

Another blog site with some awesome photos is EnglishRussia.

Anyone else seen 1960s or later 'future' designs?

Can you point to any in the US, UK or Australia?

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Hrm. The first thing that sparng to mind was Griffis Sculpture Park outside of Buffalo, NY (where I lived for a few years). There was nothing nearly so outstanding as the photos in your post, but the flavor was similar, and I do believe the park was created in the 60's.

Hope that helps!

Well, most of the monuments shown are in the former Yugoslavia. I can't list none of these impressive and a bit surreal war memorials as Dieselpunk, but it's my humble personal opinion.

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