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Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer feat. Professor Elemental: "Just Like a Chap."

So apparently, the chap-hop rap feud between Professor Elemental and Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer is over. Or at least has gone into a haitus of sorts, as Mr. B invited Elemental to hang up the fighting trousers and have a cameo in his latest music video, and apparently a grand time was had by all.

And VERY sharp dieselpunk styles in this video, I must say.

As Elemental would say, "Splendid."

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I tired to play the video, but it says it is 'private'? Loved his chap hop history thing - must watch that again.

That just happened in the last few hours, so I did some sleuthing and found this on Mr B's Twitter: "It will be back. Had to take it down for a few days due to small technicality. Panic not chumrade!"

I have a feeling it was because the typesetter spelled "Rhymer" wrong in the opening credits.

Excellent sleuthing! Thanks.

This video is working now. And crikey, these chaps look dapper! Anyway, have a look.

Btw I've also invited Mr. B and his fellow Chappists over here, so we may get some new blood in the old neighborhood soon.

Hope to be seeing some of the Chaps next weekend at - 



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