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My wife and I were at a restaurant for lunch today waiting for a friend. I was dressed, of course, in my dieselpunk attire with tie, winter dress coat and fedora, though my wife was in jeans and a hoodie. While we stood there waiting we noticed a gentlemen stand up also wearing a very nice looking fedora. After he collected his things he approached me and introduced himself. As it turns out he had also noticed me with my fedora and gave me his card. He explained that he and his wife own a hat shop in San Francisco called "Mrs. Dewson's Hats."


We spoke for a while. He inquired about the source of hats in the Dallas area, in which I told him the sad state affairs, and he told me a little bit about their shop and some of their plans. Of course, I told him about dieselpunk and gave him my business card with my blog. It was a wonderful conversation with a very nice gentlemen.


So if you're ever in San Francisco stop by "Mrs. Dewson's Hats." They sell hats for both men and women. They're located at 2050 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115. Their phone number is 415-346-1600. You can find them on the web at http://www.mrsdewsonhats.com/

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