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During WWII a bomber was shot down,a bombardier Kenneth Daniel Williams of the 351st Bomb Group was to become quite famous in Nazi Germany.

Only because he was wearing a leather flight jacket with the words "Murder Inc" on the back which was the same name as the nose art on the bomber. 

The germans made much of this,as they had a idea that the american air force was using mobsters.


The artwork on the jacket has been used on a Zippo Lighter, and on a few fan based designs for a Nose Art Jacket. 


I find that the whole story has a great connection,with many aspects of things which i like such as Nose Art,WWII, Fashion,Zippos,and a great story. 

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I understand better where you were coming from.

You are so right about antisemitism being common during that time. Henry Ford, for example, was very antisemitic as shown from the fact that he reprinted the infamous (and fake) Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

I just found this poster which i think is interesting the artwork is by Gino Boccasile. 

The date of the poster is around 1940.

Interesting though disturbing poster. However, it doesn't surprise me. We know that Gino Boccasile was an extreme fascist.

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