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Well, it's music time again for the US-of-A, fall brings along good music, made by good bands. Fall is the time when the warped tour crowd is taking bathroom pictures of themselves for their facebooks and what have you, and then bands that are less genre-specific come outta the woodwork for everyone to enjoy!

One of these bands, dear ladies and gents, is Flogging Molly. Celtic Punk music, that, wherever I go and they're mentioned, there is nothing but positive remarks, and the few people who speak against them get a very clear and present evil eye.

Also, I do hold them in regard as being a Dieselpunk band. But that's just my personal viewpoint, or at least they just use that aesthetic in their artwork and stage dress, but that really is good enough for me. I mean, come on, just take a look at this photo, taken right in front of a famous landmark in my fair city:

If that photo doesn't yell out "Dieselpunk aesthetic" like a battle-crazed Norseman, I don't know what does. Not to mention the same cat who designed Grand Central Station designed that ruin behind them.

So anyway, I, for one, am gonna go see them when they roll into town in my dapper-est, Diesel-ist, Deco-y best. Anybody else in the metro area? Hell, come join me, but hurry up! Tickets for my neck o' the woods sell like hotcakes! Not in the area? well, here is the tour poster for your viewing pleasure, and for great info, and great success!

Feast your eyes Dapper Dans and Sleek Susans!

-Ansel H.

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