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Two anachronism in one machine: A new made laptop, basing on the Beagleboard xM, a miniature motherboard with an Cortex A8 ARM CPU, running RISC OS, the operating system known from the Acorn Archimedes or Risc PC in a wooden laptop case.

Like the original Acorn laptop the outside is in A4 format. the keyboard is detachable and working wireless, so I can connect the laptop to a TV (HDTV or traditional with CRT). RISC OS is still in development and found a niche in such ARM motherboards, like the Beagleboard or the Raspberry Pi. It's faster than Linux and easier to use.

More information about the building and the inside of my laptop are in German on my homepage www.retrocom.de

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RISC OS looks like it handles like Windows 95 as far as features.  Other than the fact that it's lightweight, what other options made it the OS of choice for such a beautiful machine?

Yes, it's lightweight, that means it's fast. I had experience with RISC OS before (on an Acorn A7000) some years ago. I wanted to learn more about RISC OS, use it for old games. And of course it's a save machine for internet (I've built in a Wifi- adaptor), because of obscurity there are no viruses for that system. :-)

The mainstream OS for the Beagleboard is Angstrom Linux. Also quite nice, but fewer applications available and it feels much slower. I've bought the Beagleboard before the Raspberry Pi was available, now the RPi would be the platform of my choice. 

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