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One of the beautiful properties of  Diesel Punk in my humble opinion is the resourcefulness of the craft! You  can take something as simple as a wooden cable spool, and with a little elbow grease and creativity craft a beautiful shelved table with a lamp post in the middle. However, I am finding it  increasingly harder to find these beautiful  gems with glowing potential. 

I'm still  a middleroot in the Diesel Punk lifestyle I confess. I long to create some vintage style post apocalyptic doomsday recycled furniture for my simplistic yet not  so savvy  man cave. I envision walking into a dimly lit room, wiring my  VIN-E (VoIP& Internet Network Electronic.... Glorified modified android. Thanks Fallout  for  the inspiration!), to a classy looking  radio, Set my  hunting gear on the table (Modified slingshot converted into a  small bow& arrow, and  sling rifle, I'll upload some pics soon!), undo the  steeltoes and sit back and listen to the smooth jazzy tones of Django in a well decorated den that is appreciated by  only the most seasoned explorer&hunters. 

So I figure I'll go to the snazziest buncha folks I know! I am in need of the not so savvy suppliers of odd bits and bobs for my devious creations! Any  Crafters out there with some supply  lines?

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My long-running plans to convert the basement from "storage" to a China Clipper themed bar/rumpus room are continuously shelved due to more immediately pressing problems, so I feel your pain.

I'd advise searching thrft stores and antique malls or E-bay for old furnature or electronics you can repurpose and old signs and nicknacks to hang up.  For example, my father-in-law has the wooden case for an old 20's vintage tube radio I want to repurpose into an MP3 player/iPod dock.  The same F-i-L gave me an art deco "Tahiti" restaraunt sign (heavy wood) I plan to laquer or glass over as a bar top (it's far too heavy to hang up!).  But alas such things are on my semipermanent to do list...

Most of the time, It depends on your budget and your level of skill in fabricating things.  If you have an actual junk yard nearby, it's surprising what you can repurpose from old cars.  The grill from an old car can cover a large area and make a real statement depending on how you work it into the decor of the room.

I've often thought of the many things I can find at a junk yard to modify, out here we have very few flea markets and and our thrift stores are mostly clothing and the occasional interestine piece of tinkerables. Unfortunately budget isn't my conflict as much as my obsessive need to build it myself from random stuff teehehe. Thanks for the info guys! Hopefully I find something out in the bads!

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