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My two most recent builds are very different from each other, and cover the spectrum of what I've been doing lately. 

The first was one built for a national build off. I was one of seven builders selected to compete, presenting the final bikes at the O.B.C. custom bicycle show in Las Vegas. The requirements were that the frame be built from scratch, that it have a springer fork, also made by the builder, and that it only be human powered. I didn't win, but I do now own a cool bike.

I started with 36" Coker wheels and a metallic red vinyl motorcycle solo seat that I got at a swap meet. I built the frame using square tubing. I used a pair of Pensive Works spade drops that I have had for a couple of years, waiting for the right build. They were so large, that they never fit any standard bikes. I built the bars out of 1" square tubing, except the riser portion, which are 1" solid square bar. I heated them up, giving them a slight twist, so that the bars could come back a bit. I made the fork from some vintage Schwinn style springer parts, and fork legs that I made myself out of square tubing, giving it a bent-springer stance, so that I could keep the frame lower despite the wheel size. I then had it powder coated, then pin striping and silver leaf lettering. I had the bars and forks chromed, and the wheel set polished, and put new Coker ribbed XLR tires on it to get rid of those ugly button tread tires that come with the wheels. I had to special order the red 2" die, and drilled it and made it into the shifter handle to match the casino dice valve stem caps. The final touches were the red glitter Thompson coke bottle grips, and to have the stem and cranks/chainring polished to match the rest of the bike. The shots I have are mostly from when it was 90% done, so you'll notice the absence of the shifter cable.

The other bike that I just finished started out with two vintage bike frames that had issues, and cool as they were, were not candidates for any kind of restoration. For this bike, I was going more for sculpture than bicycle, putting on many of the cooler vintage parts I've been collecting, and going over the top. Parts of four frames, many great parts, and many vintage accessories. For the record, it's very rideable, and won two trophies at the Vegas show.

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The build quality looks really solid and clean, Deven.  How do they ride?

The build off bike rides very smooth. The 36" wheels roll over bumps and pot holes in the road well. The 3 speeds also improve the ride.

The other bike rides well enough that I've put some miles on it, and will continue to ride it, but the old Eclipse hub in the rear is from the Thirties, and needs to be rebuilt. It slips a bit. Also, being so heavy, and a single speed, it's definitely for mostly flat street cruising only. Still, I think I'm happier with the vintage "sculpture" bike than I am with the new one. It has many details on it that I'm proud of, and I'll probably continue to add to it.

Tome Wilson said:

The build quality looks really solid and clean, Deven.  How do they ride?

That Alchemist bike is sick brother. Well done. 

Awesome! Is 'Alchemist' the name of your company? I really like the look of that first bike, Congratulations on your trophies!


Hey Bruce, yes, I build under the name Alchemist Custom Bicycles. I've got a page for everything I build on Facebook and Instagram.

Bruce Woodworth said:

Awesome! Is 'Alchemist' the name of your company? I really like the look of that first bike, Congratulations on your trophies!


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