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I found an actual REAL hat store in Nashville yesterday and I knew I had to pass this on to you and yours.
I got a custom Fedora ordered and they have a huge selection of hats, men's and women's. The owner can also make custom hats.
She said she is the only hat store in a 5 state area.

Its called
1027 8th Ave South
Nashville, TN 37203

Owner is gigi gaskins

Spread the news so we can get all the cool cats into proper chapeaus.
Be cool.

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Is that new? On google street view 1027 is Mike's Discount Tobacco.

I was just in there Saturday the9th, so I would say its new since Google last updated their addresses online.

If you don't mind my asking what was the price range on the custom fedora's?

Well mine was $217.00 for the hat and $60.00 for the custom ribbon. Mine is an Akubra Banjo Patterson hat that will have a Fedora hat band in place of the original. I need a larger than usual brim so this will look like a Fedora when its done but be made as I like. The owner can make a full hat from scratch if you like but they have a large variety of stock hats to choose from as well.

Cool, I should try to get up that way and check it out.

There's actually a great hat store here in Fredericksburg, VA, of all places (called Hat Barn: 4916 Southpoint Pkwy, Fredericksburg, VA 22407, 540-898-0201).  There's also a few great hat stores in New Orleans and Charleston, SC, and I hear there's an OK one at the Baltimore Inner Harbor.  Now I know where to go in Nashville, too!

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