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I just found this site today and when I read the site's name I couldn't help but cringe, "Nazi Dieselpunk"  My initial concern was that it was a neo-Nazi site that had tried to hook onto Dieselpunk. After spending some time there I concluded that instead it's a site that's primarily interested in some of the the bizarre tech that the Germans developed during the war as well as the alternative history stories of World War II.

However, it sparked a question that I have and which I would like feedback on from members of the forum. Because World War II played such a major role in the Diesel Era does that open us up to at risk overlooking the evil of Nazism? For example, what should we make of some of the art that shows fantasy German military? What about pin-up art consisting of women dressed in Nazi uniforms? And concerning German uniforms, should Dieselpunks wear WWII era German uniforms for conventions such as cosplay? If so, is there a line where it becomes inappropriate? For example, is it okay to wear a German army uniform but not an SS?

I would love to read the thoughts of the members of the forum.

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You don't know the host, Dan.  The terms of service are really strict, and when we first started, we were blipped for much less.

Larry, looks like we may need to come back to this topic on the Diesel Powered Podcast after hiatus!

In my opinion, in short - only villians should dress in Nazi inspired fashions. If you are a villian, then go for it. That is all.

I was thinking the same thing about the broadcast, my friend.

Johnny Dellarocca said:

Larry, looks like we may need to come back to this topic on the Diesel Powered Podcast after hiatus!

In my opinion, in short - only villians should dress in Nazi inspired fashions. If you are a villian, then go for it. That is all.

You know what this thread needs to wrap it up? A little humor. :)

Whoa- Look out! Judging by his overkill, self-righteous reactions on this thread, betcha Tome will consider that video clip posted by Larry to be racist, politically incorrect, anti-semitic, evil, vile, criminal and will send out the Jewish Defence League. Beware!

     Also, lest we forget Larry that "you" own the dieselpunk franchise. Did you obtain a copyright on that? Might as well threaten everyone that a 'Stalin dieselpunk' group or a WWII Japanese dieselpunk group will get publicly shamed by you if they commence. Take a look at those regimes...the Germans were not the 'only' vicious vilians of WWII. Stalin mass slaughtered many more millions of innocents than Hitler did. Nope, that's not an endorsement of Hitler, FYI. (I'm sure that's going to be your next accusation!). Only a point of historical reference.

     Tome, you have done one hell of a job of lamb-basting the young woman (SS_ObSeSSed) who politely invited people here to join the eyebrow-raising but nonetheless harmless group she courageously hopes to start, and it couldn't possibly be more concise that she is far from being any supporter or sympathizer of Nazism ideologically. Save your rabid fanaticism for those who really are obviously pro-Nazi. If you or anyone else ardently disapproves of her fetish group, then the soluton is simple: DON'T JOIN IT. Same principle applies to abortion: If you are against it, then DON'T HAVE ONE. 

     Instead, you have proven yourself to be a pious prude in this case, with all your fire and brimstone preaching; as though you are so perfect.

     Fortunately I contacted SS_obSeSSed outside of this website before she leaves to let her know that although I am not a Nazi fetishist per se, I do stand in solidarity with her harmless intent. I urge anyone else reading this thread who agrees that SS-obSeSSed has been unfairly maligned to come forward and speak up.

     Tome, let's address your absurd comparison of SS uniforms to a KKK cloak. My late uncle was a tailor of military uniforms. I admired his work, and from a young age, I became interested in historic military apparel and accessories. The heinous ideologies of Nazism and the Ku Klux Klan share some similarities obviously, but it is not the ideologies that were up for comparison here: It is the apparel ONLY. It would appear that you are incapable of sequestering the ideologies from the uniforms, either due to your one-track mindset or your strident belief that you are taking the ultra-morally superior highground by repeatedly rebuking someone's fondness for a certain toggery which they clearly stated does not include any support for the regime connected to that toggery in question. Furthermore, if you had any clue about tailoring, design, and fashion Tome, you would recognize immediately that some shapeless white sheet resembling a cloth sack has absolutely no comparison to the sharply tailored, very detailed, elegant and riveting black SS uniforms. NONE. No one would fetishise an unflattering, boring white sheet. DUH! The parallels you attempted to draw are illogical and frankly juvenile.

     NO WHERE in any of her posts did SS_obSeSSed "call you a Nazi". READ closely. Near the end, she did point out some analogies regarding your extreme political correctness, bullying, and censorship being similar to that demonstrated in Nazism, but that is quite different from explicitly "calling" you a "Nazi". Nor did she "invoke Godwin's Law" per se; Tome, you invoked it inaccurately plenty of times against her. Just read the earlier posts, which thankfully got drawn to my attention before they were obliterated by you. Uber-censorship busily in action again, Kommerade, by irrational Tome's pious little authoritarian dieselpunk dictatorship! HAULT! It's the Politically Correct Police!

     In closing, Tome: Referring to your complaint about certain other members' "attitudes": Well well well. Isn't that a case of the pot calling the kettle black, if ever there was one! Uh oh. Ooops. Please excuse my use of the word "black" in that context, before accusing me of being a reprehensible racist, fascist, white supremacist, Nazi, etc., etc. Guess 'I' am next as your online target. If the punishment 'I' am about to receive is consistent with how SS_obSeSSed was treated, oh man! Guess I'm really in for it, huh?

     Going from the haunting beauty of the Art Deco/dieselpunk period then reading your derogatory nonsense Tome is like going from the sublime to the ridicuous. Please check your own attitude first, before dissing innocent people who clearly mean no harm. Just because you disagree with someone does not qualify you as being better or correct.


Larry, LOVED that flick! Funny, but that very same song kept going through my head during much of this discussion. Like minds are a very dangerous thing! LOL

Larry said:

You know what this thread needs to wrap it up? A little humor. :)


Your assault on Tome and Larry is uncalled for. Tome has explained the VERY TIGHT constraints to which he must hold to maintain the Dp site. Whether one agrees with them or not, we are all guests here and thus should comport ourselves accordingly. If one can not adhere to ~ Guest Rite ~ then one always has the option to go elsewhere. Though you have made a number of good points, I would point out in turn that = Flaming is not Dialog and achieves nothing productive in sustaining any argument.

Gearhead Spearhead said:

@Gearhead Spearhead

I'm sorry my actions angered you so much.  Perhaps this analogy will put it into perspective.

Four years ago, I went out into the wild and built a home because I wanted a place to call my own.  I hung up all of my cool stuff on the walls, filled my shelves with the authors I wanted to read, played the music I wanted to listen to, and I settled in because this place was fun.  Eventually, like-minded people started to visit.  It was a small group at first, but I welcomed them into my home because they were friendly and we shared similar interests.  Within a few months, the size of the crowds grew into the thousands, but I still worked hard and paid a lot of money out of my own pocket to make these people comfortable in my home.

And yet you say that I violated someone else's rights by removing an ad-sign they planted in my front yard without permission?

This isn't an anonymous forum built by some uncaring multinational corporation for profit.  It's my home.  I built it with my own two hands, and I pay a significant chunk of change each month to keep it alive.

In the spirit of your own rebuttal, I don't have to join SS's group, and you don't have to come to my home.  To attack the way I do things here after only being a member for less than a week with absolutely no background on how this site actually works is very rude.  Please note, my actions are balanced by over a dozen staff members who were appointed not because I liked what they had to say, but because they contributed to the spirit of my home.  If they're willing to add extra rooms to my home on their own time without compensation, then by all means I take their counsel, and in this case we were in agreement.

I trust your reaction was simply a reflex because you hold free speech very close to your heart.  However, if someone wishes to use my home for advertising, I have the right of refusal.

I do not share Tome's "cartoon villain" view of nazism, and I rather like some of the uniforms, architecture and other things of Nazi Germany. However if you make a site solely about nazi items, as opposed to about 1930s things in general, it's difficult not to see that as a tribute to nazism regardless of intentions. I can therefore understand that Tome doesn't want his site associated with such a place. He is however not going against free speech. He is not persecuting anyone, or saying you are not allowed to say such things, just that you're not allowed to do it here. His place, his rules.

LOL!! And I thought I was the one adding humor to the thread.

Just a few comments:

First, I'm glad you enjoyed the video, Dan. :)

Second, I think Dan and Atterton both made good points.

Finally, Tome you have been a gentlemen during this whole affair. Well done, sir.

I think that says all that deserves my response here.

Still a great read,and as for the Video Larry well its a master (race) stroke...

Thanks, Elvis! :)

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