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I'm not looking to start a fight here; I'm just curious about something I keep going back and forth on...

Neo-Pulp is a literary genre wherein modern authors either write new adventures of classic pulp characters or create new characters that are clearly in the mold of those characters. The ones I've read are all period pieces, set in the days of the pulps, but the authors are modern individuals, so some of their modern sensibilities naturally creep into the stories (even if it's just a lack of the racist attitudes so prevalent at the time). So, would you consider these books to be dieselpunk? Or just historical fiction?

I tend to lean toward considering them dieselpunk (the same goes for the Indiana Jones movies, which have a similar vibe), but I'm curious what others think. And, as I said, sometimes I second-guess myself and think they're not really dieselpunk. So, what say you?

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I haven't read any of this (though I'd be curious to. Where is it possible to do so?), but from what you say, I'd consider them dieselpunk because of the 'punk' element in them: handling era situation with a modern feeling. 

If you're interested, JazzFeathers, take a look @ Airship 27 and Altus Press. There's also Pro Se Press. There are a few others out there, but these 3 seem to be the biggest...

I'll certainly have a look. Thanks for the head up ^_^

Would you consider Buckaroo Bonzai Neo Punk or Dieselpunk.  He was obviously written in the mold of Doc Savage.

I think we are trying too hard to put labels on things.  Let any work of fiction be judged by its readers and not try to define it to appeal to a certain audience.

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