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Hi all,

I am so glad I found this website. I like steampunk, and I love the dieselpunk era and style, just didn’t know it was this well-defined until a friend tipped me.

I started to slowly design an online flight game in 2010 and experiment with different gameplay ideas on my free time. In trying to write the backstory, I was looking for something in the 40s-50s. I found a string of events that happened in 1958 that could have caused a global catastrophe. In this game they did, and people were forced to survive in the skies rather than underground while forming different factions.

I understand the date may be considered by some to be beyond dieselpunk though, but as mentioned I wasn’t fully aware of the definition. You could say that the catastrophe which led to what we call Earth v2, froze time and prolonged diesel tech & style for decades to come.

This brings me to the art style. In trying to settle on the game’s art style, different artists had different ideas and styles. I did have a rule though: no futuristic/sci-fi aircraft, no jet fighters, and to not be a WWII-only themed game as most are.

We concluded to have unique-custom planes with diesel engines and steam engines, with some rare jet addons, with each type having their advantages and disadvantages. We’re including functionality from experimental planes from the first 50-60 years of the century that may or may not have gone to production, as well as some fictional functionality and weapons because after all, this is a game.

I’d like to show some of the early rough concepts and see what you think. The following drawings that we’ll make will be much more focused and detailed.





couple more, different style..


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Sorry for disappearing for a while.
About the characters; close to that, but l had in mind less cartoonish look actually (or at least less caricature look), and more quasi-19th century military look.

Thanks Romeo, well said.

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