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I just noticed a new movie will be out in a few days, which takes place in a noir setting. Private detectives, femme fatales and all that jazz. Though apparently no jazz. The cast itself makes me interested. However it seems it might not actually be released in cinemas, but rather just for download.

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Thanks for the Heads Up! It looks GREAT!

It looks beautiful.  Since it has a TV rating, I wonder what they plan to do with it.

Good one.

Completely Dieselpunk, Thanks to show it.

Nice cinematography, and good cast.

As it turns out, they have put up a free 10 minute preview of the movie.

I watched the preview and associated content via OnDemand, and it looks like a whole bunch of style with really bad acting/writing.

Has anyone seen the full-length movie yet?  I wasn't up for spending $9 based on that preview.  It's a shame they didn't focus on the actual hotel part with the detective.

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