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I want to take a moment of your time to introduce myself to everyone.  My name is Ken Dickinson, and I live in north Texas, in the city of Denton.

About two weeks ago I was doing some online research about something completely unrelated to Dieselpunk, when I happened to come across the term.  I was already familiar with Steampunk, so the word intrigued me.  I did another search, and then another, and soon I had found several Dieselpunk sites, including this one.  I was very excited by what I saw, because it fit perfectly with something I had been interested in and doing for years already.  I was a Dieselpunk without ever knowing what it was called.  In fact, my interest in "Dieselpunk" predates the term by at least a decade.

So, when I began to read about the Dieselpunk sub-culture the name "Henri Maginot" immediately came into my head, and the story of a person began to emerge almost fully formed.  It was as if this person had been waiting in my subconscious all along for the right trigger to bring him to light.  Understand that I am and have been a member of several groups where the creation of a "persona" is encouraged, if not required, but have usually had to struggle with creating a one, often never getting it really "right" and abandoning the project altogether.  Henri, however, is different.  He "clicks" easily into a place in my personality.  There was never a question that among Dieselpunks I would be Henri Maginot.

I look forward to meeting and talking with you.

We now return you to your regular forum discussions already in progress.

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Welcome to the Brave New World.

Welcome onboard, comrade.

Great to have you on the forum, Ken, uh, I mean, Henri. :)

My story is not different from yours. Well, there are some minor differences, but none worth a mention. Welcome to the movement!

This whole persona thing baffles me a bit.

@ Elvisrocks59, Komissar Hass, Larry, and lord_k:  Thanks for the welcome!  I've been spending what little time I have had recently perusing the forums and posts, and have noticed that there doesn't seem to be much devoted to photography.  I mean, sure, there are plenty of photographs, but not much on period cameras and their use.  Shooting film using classic and vintage cameras is a strong interest of mine, and I have a few that I may pick to write about or use to make some period-like photographs.

@ Atterton:  Is it my persona that baffles you, or just personas in general?  When I was in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) many years ago, we used to say that in adopting a persona we were "playing at being who we really are."  To me, with Dieselpunk, it feels very much like that.


I would love see some articles on Diesel Era cameras.

Concerning personas. from my experience the practice of creating a persona isn't common in Dieselpunk unlike either Steampunk or SCA. Though there are several here that I know use pseudonyms rather than real names. I think that was the source of Atterton's confusion. Being a Steampunk myself I understood where you were coming from but I can see why it might have confused him.

To serve a pleasant reminder, we had a short series of vintage camera articles about two years ago. Of course, it's only a tip of the iceberg.

Henri Maginot said:

 mean, sure, there are plenty of photographs, but not much on period cameras and their use.  Shooting film using classic and vintage cameras is a strong interest of mine, and I have a few that I may pick to write about or use to make some period-like photographs.

Bienvenu Henri!
@ Doc: Merci, monsieur!

@ lord_k: I looked at those articles and the photos accompanying them. Wow! What a great selection. I was pleased to see that you had one on the Canon rangefinders; I've been wanting to pick one of those up for about a year now. The photos of Hasselblad's military cameras were interesting, too. I knew that was where Hasselblad started that line, but I had never actually seen any of the cameras themselves.

About 15 years ago I all but bought a Canon 7 with an f1.2 50 mm lens. The price was ridiculous. The only thing that stopped me was a simple thought: "I have already got two 35mm rangefinders and shoot no more than a dozen films per year. What would I do with another camera?" Now I somehow regret it.


I may understand your feeling of realizing that you belonged to a part of culture before you ever really knew that it existed. Having grown up in Detroit in a blended family of Eastern Bloc immigrants and Bavarian machinists, it's as if I was saturated by the residue of the second world war; that oily residue went hand in hand with the huge steel plants and smaller tool shops that saddled every neighborhood. Over time, we learn to recognize our own, those kindred spirits. How wonderful to have this as home.

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