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New Vernian Process Single (with a dark circus spin!)

I'm rather surprised my bandmate Josh hasn't posted anything about this yet, but I can certainly take care of that for him...


A few weeks ago, Vernian Process released the first single for our next album: "Something Wicked (That Way Went)".  Based on the Ray Bradbury novel Something Wicked This Way Comes, the song is a bouncy calliope-driven descent into the heart of the Shadow Show.  You can listen to it here, or purchase the track on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and every other major music retailer on the web:



Apparently, someone's already uploaded it to YouTube, too:


It's our first track recorded as a full band, and we're quite pleased with how it turned out.  We even have Erica Mulkey (also known as Unwoman) on cello and contributing to the cacaphony of laughter at the end.  I hope you enjoy it.

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