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First off, I suppose I should introduce myself.  I'm 'Monty', a 23 year old grad student.  While I'm not studying (I usually am) I usually end up reading about various interesting topics on the internet, doodling (I'm not confident to call it 'drawing' or anything particularly artistic), writing, and sleeping when I can spare the time.  

Second, I'm incredibly new to the concept of dieselpunk.  I used to lurk about on brass goggles and some other steam punk forums, but I felt it never quite had the atmosphere or aesthetic I had been looking for.  It's only recently that I learned about dieselpunk, and I am completely fascinated. 

To be honest, my interest in the various 'punks' was started with a fascination with airships.  I actually stumbled across this site looking for material on airships and weaponry, especially with a WWI/Interbellum period influence.  In the spare time I have for the aforementioned doodling and writing, I've been toying around with the (perhaps overused, but nonetheless appealing to me) concept of a ragtag crew of an airship for hire / tramp-ship.  

I'm very excited to have found this forum!  Any advice on where to look for inspiration, more dieselpunk art/literature, please feel free to post suggestions!


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Hey I'm new here too! very new when in comes to "-punk" (thought it was trendy) but I always enjoyed art deco, the industrial era along with alt. history, Soviet surplus, Pulp fiction, etc. 

Glad to see you aboard, Monty.  Don't be a stranger!

There are several sources for learning more about Dieselpunk:

"The Tenets of Dieselpunk" (a great posting here in Dieselpunks.Org by Tome Wilson)

Dieselpunk Encyclopedia (The most complete resource on Dieselpunk anywhere)

"Discovering Dieselpunk" (article by Nick Ottens and Mr Piecraft in Issue 1 of The Gatehouse Gazette)

Dieselpunk (My blog)

The Art of Stefan Prohaczka

Diesel Powered Podcast (a bi-weekly podcast by Johnny Dellarocca and myself)

Feel yourself at home, Monty.

Welcome aboard! You've come to the right place.

Hullo Monty! Hope you find lots of fun things here.

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