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The weather at my office is pretty wild.  Rain water is sticking to the building and freezing in thin sheets on the windows (anywhere from palm-sized to cookie sheets).  Then the wind will pick up and blow the shards of ice off every few minutes, carrying them in weird jet streams around the corners of the building.

From my perspective, it looks and sounds like it's raining glass.

How are things where you are?  Any better?

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funny enough we had snow (not much though, and it melted immediately) in Cairo in December, reported to be the first snow since 1911 (what a match!). but recently temperatures are climbing and the typical sunshine-blue sky (disregard the smog cloud) combo are playing their tune again. all the best to you. and remember: there is no bad weather - only inappropriate clothing (and lack of will).

It's fairly mild around there parts, thankfully. There was a fair bit of snow and cold during December and January, but the temperature is climbing a bit now.
We're up to 4 degrees C today. :)

Pretty much the worst ice storm that I've seen in years. Just got power back last night after about 36 hours without.

Pick a day for Virginia/DC.  We've gone from 17 F and winter storms to 65 F and sunny within two days and then back and forth again and again for the last 3 weeks. Beautiful today, but likely to snow again tomorrow.

Mother nature is schizophrenic right now.

You guys are just TTtttttooooo Darn CRUEL! LOL
I've just spent the last few days and weeks working in MINUS 30 degree wind and snow trying to break loose frozen equipment, and install, and (believe-it-or-not) chill down new cryogenic storage tanks. With more of the same starting again tomorrow. I've been trying hard not to even THINK about anything related to Winter conditions during my Thaw-'Em-Out two days off. I think that the only thing that has allowed me to survive this is singing ~ SUMMERY ~ songs in my head. (Beach Boys, &tc) Since I can't even hope to carry a tune through this FROZEN beard of mine (or any other time for that matter. LOL) I dare not sing out loud for fear that somebody would shoot me for a demented howling Yeti! 

Welcome to Life On The Brutally Frozen Planet of MONTANA!!!

ENOUGH!!! BBbbbbrrrrrrrrr . . . Bermuda, Bahama,/ come on pretty mama/ Key Largo, Montego,/ baby why don't we go/ Ooh I wanna take you down to Kokomo, . . .


Dan, sound like you need to read my World of Manana stories to help you warm up a bit! 

"Tropical islands, palm trees, flying boats…and the soft thump of a silenced pistol in the night."

You're RIGHT, Cap'n!!! THAT sounds like just the ticket!!! THANKS!

Cap'n Tony said:

Dan, sound like you need to read my World of Manana stories to help you warm up a bit! 

But, Cap'n, where do I find them??? Goggle only seems to turn up the Dieselpunks page  and the AltHist page for The Worlds of Manana with only the short (teaser?) story A Grand Business Opportunity . More? Others? I could really use a bit more fuel for the fire in order to thaw my way out of this itchy old Yeti suit! :-)

See A Firend of Spirits in the Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase right here on DP.org for one (FREE!) and Storming Shangri-La in the soon-to-be-out DPES 2.

Also Cocktails on the Street of Bones in Twit Publishing's Dieselpunk, and Anthology, released today!

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