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I've been hard at work on my webcomic,


and at the same time immersing myself in like titles, both webcomic and in print: Athena Voltaire, Strange Aeons, Ignition City, Tales of Granton City, Retropolis, Adventures of the 19XX, Electropolis, Spider-Man Noir, Xenoxoic, Rip Kirby, Rocketeer, etc... Would love to hear what else you guys have found, especially on the web, or what you're creating...


Warbirds of Mars is at http://www.warbirdsofmars.com ...I'm working on a new site, but the webcomic itself is 100% accessible right now. Love to hear from readers!




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Good job with Warbirds so far! It wears its influences well, and sure wastes no time getting to the action.


I can't think of any other comics that you haven't already listed, except for Doc Monster and Ghost Zero by Dave Flora, who is very awesome.


I was presumptuous enough to make my own thread about Strange Aeons a short while back. But I don't update all that often so there ain't much to tell beyond that.

Heh, Thanks, JR - always happy to see new Strange Aeons, and I'd not yet had the chance to really check out Dave Flora's stuff, but its awesome looking - really has done the research, at first glance anyhow. Is there a webcomic, or just print..?


I added your webcomic to The Webcomics List... so I could keep track of it. :)
Super-cool..! Thanks, Johnny!

Jonny B. Goode said:
I added your webcomic to The Webcomics List... so I could keep track of it. :)

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