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In the opening page description of "What is Dieselpunk?" I noticed that you took out "subculture" in the definition. I was curious why you removed it because, while for some it might be an "art style," that seems to me to reduce it too far. "Art style" seems to place it in the same category as Impressionism or Cubism.


I personally find dieselpunk to be much more than that. I describe myself as a "lifestyler" in that it's a wholistic way of living from the way I dress, my preference for music, movies, reading, and much more. I even find inspirations from the diesel era individuals (such as Upton Sinclair and Dorothy Day) in my political views.


If it's ok then I would really like to see the term "subculture" back to "What is Dieselpunk" on the opening page.

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I see the opening page description has been updated. Thanks!
I am a slave to the people.
Naw, more like a damn good web master and fantastic advocate for dieselpunk. :)

Tome Wilson said:
I am a slave to the people.

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