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I don't know if anyone else listens, but I've recently discovered an amazing radio station broadcast from the UK, The UK 1940's Radio Station, which play music that spans the entirety of the diesel era from the 20s to 50s. I've never heard a station like it, it has such thoughtful programming that not only provides music, but history, old PSAs, and advertisements. I use Pandora, Rhapsody and the like quite frequently, but there's something to be said for real radio programming.

Have you heard this or any other station like it online? I'd love to know


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I run also a webradiostation which is dedicated to swing. During daytime it plays swing from the 30ties and 40ties in the evening (after 10 p.m.) the focus is on electroswing.

here are the links:



oh top stuff Rather! thanks awfully m'dear much regards X

Wizard! Absolutely Tip Top old chap do carry on!


The only thing I've found online is the DP music player. This is great! Especially for a history buff like myself! Thanks Sarah. ;3

I have run a web radio station since 2003 but, although it is very eclectic, it focuses on music from let's say 1965 to the present day. I am glad to find out about these diesel-focused web stations for my own listening pleasure. And it does give me pause to consider adding some dieselpunk-era music to my station's programming mix as well. My listeners would certainly roll with it. :)

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im not shure about period ads and stuff but if your looking for a station with 40's era music try XM satellite radio's 40's on 4 channel.

Somehow I missed this thread until just now. My favorite station for Diesel Era music is Radio Dismuke, It's commercial free and is fantastic. I've met the owner and he's a fan of Dieselpunk. Here's what the site states:

Discover the exciting music from one of the most vibrant decades in popular culture and entertainment.  From the boom times of the "Roaring '20s" to the hard times of the Great Depression...from frantic Charlestons danced to by a generation of flappers to sentimental ballads performed by the early crooners...from the hot jazz bands of the top Harlem nightclubs to the popular dance bands of the formative years of the swing and big band eras, the great music of the 1920s & 1930s lives on and is entertaining a new generation of enthusiastic listeners.  Radio Dismuke features original recordings from the 1925 - 1935 decade and can be heard at no cost from anywhere in the world by anyone with an Internet connection and a sound card equipped computer.


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