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While wandering the endless streets of Paris, I stumbled upon not one, but two speakeasies.  While it might break tradition to speak of them, I think this is the right crowd to know the passwords.

The Ballroom
58 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1st)
This sophisticated cocktail bar, serves up mixed drinks in cosy seated areas that make up the three separate rooms of the bar.  It's hidden behind an unmarked black door next to The Beef Club.

Little Red Door
60 rue Charlot (3rd)
This place literally sits behind a little red door found behind a glass door through which you have to duck to enter.  They have great cocktails, friendly service, and a snacking menu.  Opens at 6:00pm.

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Nice suit, Tome! Very classy!  Next time I'm in Paris, assuming I ever am, I'll check if they're still around.  Did you manage to meet up with Stefan while you were there?

I sure did.


Well, if you ever come to Moscow, I'd try to find good match here:)

And now I know part of my program, should I visit Paris:)

well, first of all - my excuses to Stefan for not arranging a meet up.

now - to the subject: last week I was in Paris for several days celebrating wedding anniversary, and (thanks to Tome!) we ended up behind the Little Red Door. It was a great exeperience, the staff were great and cocktails were fantastic - both from the menu and from the bartenders head according to our rather vague requests.

Joyeux anniversaire!

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