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It's been a long time coming but the current issue of the peer reviewed journal Fashion, Style, and Popular Journal has published an article on Dieselpunk. The article, "Victorian gear heads and locomotive zealots: Vicarious nostalgia, retro-futurism and anachronisms of Steampunk and Dieselpunk", is the first that I know of in an academic setting that studies Dieselpunk. It includes photos of dieselpunks such as Chris ‘Jerrey Rough’ Dempsey, John Wilson, Pietro Magnani, and a good friend of mine Stacey Fox.

The article isn't necessarily flattering of either Dieselpunk or Steampunk. Nor is it free online. You can purchase a PDF copy of the article at the web site for $18.00

Following is the abstract on the official site:

This article explored the histories of both Steampunk and Dieselpunk with a focus on their dress behaviour and musical preferences as related to the ideologies of these groups. Particular attention was paid to both group’s fixations on nostalgia for periods outside of the individual members’ living memories and how this nostalgia is a feature of their consumption experiences. The article also addresses the anachronistic use of the word ‘punk’ in the name of each of these groups. There is an obvious incongruity with the naming of Steampunk and Dieselpunk because they are shameless consumer cultures with no obvious political inclinations. Although Steampunks and Dieselpunks do share the DIY aesthetic of the traditional punk subculture, their styles have been prefabricated, neatly packaged and made available for sale on any of the many websites devoted to providing the quintessential Victorian or diesel-era garb.

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Hi Larry,

I feel your critique was well written.  It helped illuminate a few of the sore spots we all felt were out of place in the article.

Thank you, Komissar and Tome.

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