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Petition: Demand a Public Apology to the Carlsbad Steampunks!

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Recently, a group of Steampunk aficionados, visited the Westfield Plaza Mall in Carlsbad CA. On their way to the mall's carousel they were accosted by the mall security and told they had to leave per the Mall's "Code of Conduct Policy." Please read the following article as reported by Marcy Baron of the San Diego Reader for more information.

"Over 40 people in steampunk garb (Victorian dress meets sci-fi/time traveler) were turned away from the Westfield Plaza Mall in Carlsbad on February 9 — mall security told them to leave because they were breaking the mall’s “code of conduct.”

The code states that “wearing apparel that disguises, obscures or conceals the face” is not allowed.

Lisa Vaca, one of those costumed, stated, “Since none of us had any part of our faces obscured, we respectfully pointed it out to the three security guards, and then their new reason for asking us to leave was a mix of ‘this is private property so we can refuse entrance to anyone,’ and ‘a group of this number needs to call ahead first to get permission,’ and, our favorite, ‘recently we had a big problem with a vampire group who showed up here….’

Vaca further went on to state, “When they told us to leave, they didn't even give us the option to ‘Please remove your hats and other costume-type items if you want to stay.’ They just walked up to a couple of our wonderfully dressed women and said, ‘You have to leave!’”

Vaca told security that this same group went to the carousel at the Westfield Mall in El Cajon a few months ago and was welcomed with open arms.

Sandra Deakins, another steampunk participant, said she felt “corralled” and given the “ushering effect.” As they streamed out of the mall, the group was greeted by three Oceanside police patrol cars and three police officers.

“The police told us that they were just answering a call from mall security and wanted to make sure the group was nice folks,” said Vaca.

Steampunk Kim Keeline said, “We were told it was to keep out the riffraff. In various conversations with the security and the police, this was variously described as gangs, people in vampire costumes, a group that tried to come ride the carousel last week while wearing horsehead masks, and other such riffraff."

Others told me that security in golf carts followed some of the participants to their cars. The mall likely lost a lot of potential shoppers that day, as many said they had planned to do some store browsing after riding the carousel. Some told me that they will never return to this mall to shop.

When I called mall security to get a statement on February 10, the person on the other end of the phone told me they weren’t allowed to comment on the incident.

When I called mall management, I spoke to their operations manager, who asked to remain anonymous. When he said, “It was probably a misunderstanding. All Westfield Malls have the same code of conduct policy.”

I then told him this same group had no problem at the El Cajon Westfield Mall. He said, “No comment,” and wouldn’t answer any more questions. He told me to call the next day and speak to their district general manager, which I did.

District general manager Becky Smith couldn’t or wouldn’t come to the phone: her secretary said she was either in meetings or conference calls after I tried three times to reach her."

What the mall security fails to realize, is that Victorian and Edwardian apparel is gaining popularity as regular, every day attire for folks. People that do not participate in the Steampunk culture wear such clothing daily. This policy, as enforced by Westfield Plaza's security team, leaves room for further discrimination down the line. These folks were not harming anyone, nor were they breaking the rules of conduct and they deserve an apology as well as the security team receiving training as to what counts as an infraction of the policy.

The Petition:

Becky Smith, District General Manager at Westfield
Security Team at Westfield Plaze Mall in Carlsbad, CA
Issue a public apology to Lisa Vaca, Sandra Deakins, Kim Keeline, Colleen Kelly Burks, and company for the treatment they received from mall security on February 9, 2014.
[Your name]

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how sweet. as long as we don't have other problems...just laugh about the stupidity of these guys, and close the subject. you want to be punks, now they treat you as such...so stop whining! thats what its all about! all those startling looks OMG WTF thats the whole aim! shock people! and what were you shopping for in a mall anyways? is there anything in current mass production offered there that could appeal to a steampunk? paying money to big corps? are you serious?

I gotta agree with Loke. If you want to draw attention to yourself and/or your group by wearing garb in a Norm environment then you pretty much have to expect and accept ALL forms of reactions. Good or Bad. Deal with it.

Think about it. Would your Persona sit and whine to all and sundry about being tossed out of an establishment by the local constabulary for being inappropriately attired??? I doubt it. Then why are you? Get a grip, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, straighten your hat, and head down the road to a friendlier establishment. Their loss.

If you feel that your group really wants or needs to gain attention to itself by parading around that particular establishment, then try playing it by their rules. Contact some of the local friendly merchants and see if they would embrace a Steampunk or what-have-you day. Shop owners are always looking for draws. Especially between holiday blitz FREE ones. Steampunk is popular and mass marketed enough these days that, to some, it could prove very viable. And contact Mall management to get that alleged permission for your group. I know that this ain't ~ Punk ~ , but you might just be surprised how much further a bit of courteous pre-planning and legwork can carry a day.

But I do also have to agree with Loke's other point. = There are better places to hang out than Mega-Corp Shopping Malls.

Jeez, and I thought I was a little harsh on these guys. Don't sugar the pill there chaps, tell it like it is haha!

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