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Another kickstarter that I stumbled upon: Pixel Noir.

It looks like a fun mix of 16-bit noir adventure game a lá Final Fantasy 7 and added 3D lighting effects.

Kickstarter page

I have to say that the music is awful, but then again, I was never too fond of the whole bit-music.

Oh, and the $15 pledge level should be fixed in this week, according to their latest comment.

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It looks like Shadowrun for the SNES.

Quite right you are. =)
As much as I like Shadowrun, I think I'll give that one as miss. ;)

It's a little disturbing that the music in Shadowrun sounds less artificial than in Pixel Noir. *grins*
The gameplay in the new one looks better though.

Being a big fan of 8-bit tunes and so on I've got to admit the main theme song indeed is wearying in its attempts to hearken back to the era when snes sounds pleased players' ears. As a result it fails big time. Surprisingly the other tracks sound just about right. Perhaps the composer had sort of a bad hair day?

And even though I like the whole concept, declaring almost a revolution in modern cRPGs as guys behind it do is too much.

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