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Hey everyone,

As the title suggests, I was wondering if anyone knows of any common themes or motifs that are usually found in dieselpunk related stories.

I've been doing research on my own & I know that the most common themes include dystopian societies, emphasis on the World Wars, & a focus on fads of the era such as Jazz. However, I was hoping if to see if there any other themes that I may have missed or may not be able to find on other sites.

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Kind of a hard topic; the little bit of DP lit that I've read is all over the place (and some of it totally disregards what you already have on your list). A few things that do come to mind (and again, I've also seen plenty that disregards them) is a positive view of science to make things better (or at least more interesting) and fascination with flight (dog fights, biplanes, zeppelins, etc.).

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