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I was curious what reaction others here receive from the public when you're wearing dieselpunk style? Most of the time mine is pretty positive. Especially from senior citizens. Today was a little disturbing though. I was dressed in what I call my "Godfather style" meaning all black with a white tie and my white fedora (the same hat as in my photo here). We were out eating lunch when I noticed some women looking at a cell phone laughing. After they left my wife leaned over and told me that they had taken my photo.

Anyone else get odd reactions when wearing dieselpunk fashion?

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My wife, another couple(on the left), and I went to a Antique Expo yesterday and got lot's of positive comments. I was sporting more of an adventureing look than my commando look and the pinup in the picture went more military. We didn't get any pics, but Steamcon is right around the corner so I'll have some then.

You all look pretty stylin' :)

I got a compliment from a woman the other day, on the way that I dress. She said that people just don't seem to be "dressed" anymore, and she liked how I'm always properly turned out.

My "everyday" look looks like some people's "office" or "church" look. I almost always wear skirts and I dress very retro on a daily basis, except when I'm cleaning the house. I have a few steampunk outfits, but hilariously, that's one of the few times I wear pants.
I was out today with my wife and daughter at the local used book store dressed in my vest, tie, leather jacket, and gray fedora. Suddenly one of the sales person's approached me and told me that she just wanted say how "dapper" I looked. Ever noticed that when you're complimented on dressing dieselpunk that people tend to say "dapper"? :)
I went out totally diesel Saturday night. My black uniform pants with the red seam stripe, black jackboots, a scarlet red shirt, yellow and black tigerstripe tie, and black zoot fedora with matching tigerstripe band. And my ammo belt. Got called a pimp by a couple of people, but most of the ladies complimented me with "you really look sharp" or something similar.
Ever since I got my trilby hat in my mother keeps saying how good I look.. Tried it on the town tonight and people seemed to like it. I'm going to the movies tomorrow, anxious to see what people think!

Considering that I mostly mix my two main subcultures (metalhead and dieselpunk) I tend to dress black; obviously, wearing black suit and fedora often make people think I'm a jew. Sometimes they take me for some other kind of foreigner and start speaking to me very slowly so that I can understand...


The leather greatcoat often triggers the "hey, Neo" reaction; sometimes they think I'm a priest until they notice I have no collar.


I dorpped the military stile in the last years of high school, but that was the one that got more reactions, as everybody knew I was the "weird, fascist guy" of the lot. Now I wear that kind of stuff only in Metal festivals, the main reason being that I'm a civilian and I don't want to appear as something I'm not.


Positive reactions are few and far between, often it seems that people like my style, but they would never dress like that.

I went Christmas shopping yesterday, what some stores call "Father's Day" because most men like me don't shop until the last moment, and I had several positive comments.I was dressed in full suit with bright red tie (for Christmas, of course), black fedora and long black winter dress coat. One young man walking by said, "Hey, big spender." I saw several people do a double takes.


Something did strike me was that I was the only one there at the entire mall not dressed in blue jeans and sweatshirts. Nearest thing to a hat was a ball cap. 


Today when my wife and I were out at the bookstore, not Christmas shopping just looking for ourselves, I did have a compliment on my winter coat.

I was stylin yesterday at a local club... I had my black zoot suit fedora with a red-velvet and gold trim band I made for it, a a black shirt, red tie with Rankin/Bass' Rudolph on it, my black uniform pants with the red stripe and my jackboots, and a starship troopers overcoat and black gloves. (And a cane because I threw my knee out swordfighting and have a limp at the moment.) Some people thought I looked awesome, others thought I was crazy.

Something shocked me at my uncle's funeral today. I was the only one wearing a hat. Of course not in the church but not even at the grave site. Only one woman other than my wife and daughter wore hats. Plus, it surprised me how few people wore all black, or any black at all. The three of us of course were in black. 


After the funeral of my uncle I took my wife out to dinner and then a movie. I figured she deserved something special after taking care of me all day. So we were both dressed in full dieselpunk. Me in my favorite all black, including my fedora, except for a splash of purple for my tie and the silver of my pocket watch chain. She was in a black dress, white hat with a black ribbon, and a purple shawl. People would come up to us while eating and compliment us. We stopped briefly at a Target before the movie and got random compliments there as well. Same thing happened at the theater. 

I have a story to tell... I almost forgot!


I was browsing in a thrift store back in October, when I accidentally dropped one of my leather gloves out of my pocket.


One of the workers found my glove and returned it to me, and said, "I found this on the ground and you look like someone who'd wear leather gloves. Is it yours?" 




I'm seeing more folks with hats in the DC area every day. Part of me is thrilled, part of me is proud (I do still claim trendsetter's rights), and part of me is a little disappointed...I feel so normal again! :(

Last week I wore a military shirt (that belonged to my stepfather in the 80's) to school, with some epaulette rank indications of a First Lieutenant. During French I got a lot of positive reactions, from girls as well. As the shirt is over thirty years old, one of them jokingly said I ought to donate it to a museum instead of wearing it to school.. My history teacher and one of the janitors seemed to like it as well, as they had been in conscription around the same time.


Also, I recently got a leather PME Legend pilot's coat, with detachable fur collar and everything. A friend of mine said she liked the feel of it, I just hope she'll manage to not touch me all the time! 

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