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This year for Art Deco Weekend I've decided to go pulp.

Naval Brigade

Texas Rocket Rangers

Confederate Espatier

Rough Rider

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I've gotta say, your physique, your look, with the glasses, and mustache, the Rough Riders look fits you the best, IMO. Well done.

Yeah I think I'm a natural Teddy. You know the glasses are fake though?

My favourite is the naval brigade by far, probably because it's the one that took the most effort. That's what I wore on stage this year. I was gutted I didn't even make runner up


I think your Naval Brigade outfit is my favorite, as well. I love your rifle and the fact that you carried a saber! -Just on a personal note, I can't for the life of me figure out why society frowns on daily sword carry!   I must admit that I truly have always hated those straw boater hats from that era - spending time as a kid at the Henry Ford / Greenfield Village living history museum as a kid, they were everywhere - but you made it work, even though I much prefer the beret. Also, I love your Rough Rider outfit and your Texas Rocket Ranger pistol is pretty awesome. Must have been a lot of work put into that. I know that gutted feeling well, Sir. No matter how good your work is, sometimes that's how it goes. Beautiful work, keep it up!

Not a sabre, a M1871 Cutlass-Bayonet! All my swords and knives are made "pub-safe" for the very reason you state. Here's how I made this one:


I hear you about the straw hat, my daughter said I looked like a grumpy school girl

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