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I like Shiny Toy Guns.   No...I mean the group "Shiny Toy Guns".  (well, ok, I like the other kind to, but that's for a different forum).  Anyway... while I would classify them more as "Cyberpunk" after their covers of "Burning for You" and "Major Tom Coming Home" for the Lincoln commercials, I found that did a cover of another classic that I now think of as my unofficial Official Dieselpunk Theme Song.

Puttin on the Ritz! (this is a fan video made with clips from Nightmare Before Christmas)

If STG had made Lincoln commercials in the 50's, it would have been for this car:

A quick YouTube search will yield many covers of this tune, but to my ears this puts the punk in it.

Now all I need is a Zoot Suit, a chauffeur, and a '26 Lincoln Sport with Stainless Steel body work and diamond plate running boards! :D

Just felt like sharing. (needed something to do for a few minutes after giving blood)

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(If you looked at this post before, you didn't see the video for some reason. You'd think a full time computer geek could post a YouTube video.)
No, no, no. We all know that this is the ultimate performance of Puttin on the Ritz.
I knew it wouldn't take long for that one to show up! :D I probably should have linked to the song without video. Larry, somehow I can't picture cruising to your version.
"Puttin on the Riiiiiiittttzzz!" :D

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