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I'm writing an article on dieselpunk and I need your opinions. Just as goggles are the distinctive element of steampunk what would you say FOR WOMEN is the most distinctive fashion element?


For men I think it's easy to say that the most common fashion item is the fedora even though I know not all dieselpunk men wear them. But if you were giving fashion advice to a woman interested in dieselpunk what would you say was the minimum item that would declare "dieselpunk?" Or is there even one?


Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

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Personally, I would say that there is no official dieselpunk fashion item for women (which is an extremely good thing since this way dieselpunks are all different). I tend to consider that dieselpunk fashion is more about the general feel of the whole ensemble, but in my experience, military accessories (officer caps, patches, pins, etc.), aviator goggles, or simply a retro haircut is always a win.
In my opinion, I would say the pencil skirt is a must! I guess quite similar to that of a 40's or 50's flight attendant. Also, accessories take a large part in this style such as jackets or furs, hats, and heels :) good luck researching, I'll be awaiting the final article!

I appreciate the feedback.



Hats and gloves.  And if one is inclined, a cigarette holder.  I would also say that the make-up makes the look. 

I´m no woman, but I would also suggest the pencil skirt.


I think you hit something on the hat and gloves from what I've seen in movies and photos.

no woman - but i do a lot of 1940's reenactment, as do my parents. from what i can tell, lace or leather gloves, wraps and jackets - especially fur wraps or coats (which can be bought for a steal now a days - it should be said that while i do not encourage the making of fur clothing, just as with ivory, if the piece is old enough that the animal it was made from would have died many, many times over, then i consider it slightly more acceptable) and a wide selection of hats are the most common way of glitzing up a fashion, and it is a trend that reaches all the way back to the 1920's. cigerette holders, likewise, add a certain amount of glitz and glamour, and also help to capture the stereotypical body language of the time, the laid back, devil may care attitude that noir cinema made famous.


lastly, the Pencil skirt remains a classic look, especially for less formal occasions, whereas silk and satin remain the materials of choice for gowns and dresses throughout the era. added to a retro hairstyle - from the 20's to the 50's, there are so many distinctive styles that retro hairdressers are still eager and happy to do (coming from leicester, there is a retro hairdresser near me, so i see more than a little of them).


hope that helps some

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