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Well, let's star the competition! To all who are interested - please be so kind to name your personal favourite project, mentioned in "Red Dieselpunk" articles 1-9, like "2/5" that will mean vehicle number 2 from the Part 5, or something like that. And than I will assemble a "Top-5" and add some "nominations" to make a jubillee "part 10" with, I hope, some additional info.

Bryan D.Amage already made his choice, I hope it won't influence the dicisions of the jury:)

R-DP 1: Saw '42 / Winterscrew

R-DP2: 'Hell on two wheels'

R-DP3: 'Streamline of fire' / über hetzer

R-DP4: Mono mobile / Spherical tank

R-DP5: Zion Diesel

R-DP6: Armenian mountain tank

R-DP7: Human powered tank

R-DP8: Reconbike

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R-DP9: Asymetrical Hover-APC!

R-DP1 - Tank Battleship
R-DP2 - Night Vision Pipe
R-DP4 - Accordion Of Doom or Monomobile (it's not easy to decide between the two)
R-DP5 - High-speed Screw
R-DP6 - Armenian Mountain Tank
R-DP7 - The Family Lowrider
R-DP8 - Land Navy Type "B"
R-DP9 - Pocket SPG, Airborne style

Okay, we have two leaders now - Monomobile for RDP-4; Armenian mountain tank for RDP-6. It's a pity that other people who had shown interest in the subject previously do not show up now...

Friends, I see that nothing really happende during my vacation, so I have a small question: shall I try to make a separate post on Monomobile and Armenian Mountain Tank, or is it better to assemble a "normal" R-DP #10 ?

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