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Naval & Military Press are having a sale, which includes:

Rocket and Jet Aircraft of the Third Reich

£5 plus shipping.

Not really my particular interest, but someone else might enjoy it. :)

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Looks cool. The development of jet aircraft is pretty fascinating. The first one was actually made in... 1910, of all years! It didn't even take off, but it's actually quite remarkable that it dates back that far. That being said, I did hear that jet fighters, especially the German ones, were rushed into productions before the underlying technology was perfected, which made the engines remarkably unreliable and the time between overhaul was a mere 35 hours or so. Still, at that point in the war, they were so desperate they were willing to try anything to turn the tide of the war.

Always find the development and evolution of military technology fascinating. Thanks for the link and thinking about us ~ Gear Heads ~, Boneflower! :-)

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