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I found a sight that deals in soviet era and current military watches. I personally like the vostok brand in the mig-29 and tank commander version. Their reasonably priced and have a 17 jewwled wind-up movement. The sight is http://www.russia4u.co.uk/categories.php?cat=7 russian watches international. Here are some pics






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One man's meat is another man's poison. For my personal taste, these timepieces are a kind of Kitsch overloaded with details. On the other hand, I remember myself when I was 16 y.o. and can understand a person who loves the style. Anyway, there is another Russian watch well worth a look: the Strela (Arrow) designed for Air Force. Introduced in early 1960s and powered by a close copy of Swiss chronograph caliber, it resembles a classic 1940s bi-compax:

Today, you can purchase a German-made oversize replica:

as well as a near-exact copy of original Strela (38mm).

Russian watch thread @ Watchuseek is especially recommended to everyone who shows interest in the subject.

I'm quite happy with my Vostok Amphibia. I had a Komandirskie junior when I was a boy, but they aren't as indestructible as they say, expecially after brawling with a schoolmate.

Modern Komandirskiye are not so heavy-duty as they pretend to be. Actually, the real thing was phased out of production somewhere in late-1980s. Amphibia has a good reputation - not the most exact mechanical watch in the world but rugged, perfectly insulated and affordable.

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