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Sample chapters from Hard Magic, coming May 2011, from Baen Books

Hard Magic is the first book in my new series, The Grimnoir Chronicles.  It will be released in May 2011 from Baen. It is set in an alternative 1932, in a world where magical abilities began to randomly appear in the 1850s. The Grimnoir are a secret society dedicated to protecting magicals from the world, and the world from magicals. This is the only novel I’m aware of that features a teleporting magic ninja fight on top of a flaming pirate dirigible.

I found this page the other day, and I figured posters here would be interested. I’ve got the first seven chapters posted for free over on my blog.


A little about myself, I’m a New York Times bestselling novelist, mostly known for writing the Monster Hunter International series. I'm currently collaborating with John Ringo on a sci-fi series and I've got a military thriller coming out next year. I grew up with a love of big pulp action, and I wanted to write something that was basically an epic fantasy only with a much cooler setting.  I'm also a history nut, so this project was a lot of fun for me to write. Turns out I was writing diesel punk before I'd heard the term. :) I hope you enjoy it.


It also has got quite a bit of interior artwork by Zach Hill & Justin Otis. The cover is by Alan Pollack.



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Read the sample chapter.  I'll have to say that it's not my cup of tea and I'm a little sad about that since I do love pulp and genre-bending.  It reads like it's based on a game, not necessarily a bad thing but I find the capitalized slang to be a little distracting. 

Sounds pretty cool to me. Love the title and the concept. Thanks for posting -- I'll check out those chapters.


"Grimnoir" is a pretty funny word.

Fantastic! I look forward to your series!
Okay, you had me at "teleporting magic ninja fight on top of a flaming pirate dirigible."

Hi Larry,

How are the sales of Hard Magic so far?

I know you were talking to the author "Larry" but I just got my copy in the mail today. :)


So I've done my part.

Hard Magic and the sequel Spellbound are are outstanding, I have worn out my copies of both re-reading them and am waiting for further installments!

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