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Scrapbook pictures- Graf Zep, Macon, Spirit of St Louis

These small pictures came from a big scrapbook left by my grandfather. He was a photographer and his family did some work on Hangar One, Moffat Field. They also did work on The San Francisco Bridge and Bay Bridge. Apparently he was quite taken with dirigibles. He had many photos of them.

This is the Graf Zeppelin.

The American blimps pictured are all The Macon, as far as I can tell. A few pictures were dated Oct. 15, 1933.

Notice that the hangar was still being built.

Below is one of the new hangar and surrounding buildings.

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Thanks alot! Great photos.

I'll be most happy to see larger scans if you've got some.

You are welcome. It would be a shame to leave them sit in a box unseen and unappreciated. These photos are very small. My grandfather was quite an accomplished photographer. He later had some images in Life magazine and owned his own photo studio. These are some of his earlier pictures. I'm sure he developed them to fit in the scrapbook. I have a real cool aerial shot of an exhibition fight between The Red Baron (copy) and another, but like a few other cool ones, I don't know where I put it. Whenever I run across it, I'll post it.

I can send you higher res scans if you pm me with an email addy, but be aware that the originals are quite small.

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