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Search for missing WWII Spitfire planes may have hit paydirt in Burma

Has anybody else here seen this article??? = 

Search for missing WWII Spitfire planes may have hit paydirt in Burma

I ran across this item a few of weeks ago from another (and not always
reliable) news source. I couldn't then find any type of confirmations on the story so
I didn't want to pass it along. I thought that it might be just another one of
those stories like ~ The stash of vintage Indians or HD cycles found in an old
abandoned military warehouse or farmer's collapsed barn ~ . We've all heard
them. And some of us have even had our hearts broken when they turned out to be
nothing more than vapor.

STILL! Can you imagine the impact that the discovery of ~> 120 unused Spitfires
<~ will have on the vintage military market?!?!?!!!! HOLLLLLYYYY COW!!!!

Even still, (As my wife pointed out to me) unlike those 35 or so currently
working and lovingly restored and maintained Veteran Spitfires, these have no
HISTORY. Most of those in the air or in museums served their nation in its time
of greatest peril. The Blood and Sweat of those who built, flew and fought them
will forever be embedded in every square inch of their being. THAT alone will
always make them PRICELESS!!!

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Very cool news, thanks, Dan!

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