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Hey there everyone.

I'm Shaun,  

Some of you may know me as an administrator for Brass Goggles, or as the originator of New Babbage, a Steampunk city in Second Life.  Either way, it doesn't really matter for my purposes here in Dieselpunk land.

     I've decided to say hello and get to know the Dieselpunk lifestyle in greater detail, so you'll see me hopping in and out of threads, asking lots of questions.  Hope you don't mind!

P.S. for anyone who does play second life I'll be looking to get some like minded Dieselpunks together there and flesh out a Dieselpunk community in game.

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Hi Shaun,

Ask away! A man is reflected by the friends he keeps, so it's great to see you over here!
Great to have you here! Brass Goggles is a pretty cool website!

Yeah we're working on doing some renovations over at brass goggles. Most notably art and a way for all the mods to regulate the threads so we don't have a difference in style (which goes a long way in solving drama we've found).

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