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Use this thread to flash us with your own dieselpunk outfits! Let's see what you look like when you step out on the town!

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Gorgeous, Rosa.
Thank you!

Thanks guys!

Rosa, that is quite the outfit you have there! Fantastic work.

Wow, thank you! Its such a joy to put these outfits together.

The hat is actually a find I am very proud of. Its made by a company that specialises in remaking historically accurate WO1 and 2 uniforms from the Dutch, English and German army. As a kind of joke they decided to make 5 childrens' hats, as exact replicas of the real hats. This one is the last one surviving.....

That's really striking Rosa, and definitely the first fascinator of it's type I've ever seen. I think you could kick off a trend there!
Haha, thank you! Well, I just might: have a small steampunklabel and have been meaning to make a few of those hats in steampunk/dieselpunk style for aaaaages!
I made a few shots with a photographer, for his project about modern fears. A few have a dieselpunk feeling. You can read the name of the photographer on the shots themselves.
Excellent, Leviathan.
I am the one on the right.  We were going for a "factory worker" look.  A "war factory" to be specific, but I think we missed that part.

Here is another.  I am the 2nd from the left.

Very nice Ryan.  Of course, I always have a soft spot for handsome men in suspenders dirtied up by honest work ;) 

Could you tell me where I could get the DP logo sticker? I'd like some for my own Vox amp!

Tome Wilson said:

I'm usually the one behind the camera, but my lovely wife Lisa took some shots last weekend for my upcoming interview in Time Warp Living.



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