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Use this thread to flash us with your own dieselpunk outfits! Let's see what you look like when you step out on the town!

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Komissar Hass, I meant no disrespect. There may be many who disagree with his lifestyle, but you gotta admit he has a great look.

Swing Magic live show - Big Daddy Cool & The Swing Kittens swing solid, dig?


Love it!

Nicely done.

Johnny Dellarocca said:

Swing Magic live show - Big Daddy Cool & The Swing Kittens swing solid, dig?


Everything's okay, William!

No problem, Jonny, I also must be more careful while joking. I totally understood your point and do admit the overall awesomeness of Captain's look.

Johnny Dellarocca, great, just great! 

Look what I found in the closet...


I think you posted the wrong image, mate. :)

I really need to get some pics of myself. For some reason whenever I'm out in my diesel duds, the camera never snaps a shot of me.

I think you are right. Let's try this...


Here is Big Daddy Cool backstage while hosting a Speakeasy Revue in Nashville...



That's much better, Johnny. And Big Daddy Cool is just too cool. :)

Here's a pic of me in Victorian attire, a shot I had taken for a casting call.

Lookin' sharp gentlemen!

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