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Use this thread to flash us with your own dieselpunk outfits! Let's see what you look like when you step out on the town!

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I haven't posted in this thread in a while.

Since I last posted, I have obtained a pair of m44 goggles (dated 1974, but I am pretty sure they are m44 goggles). Unfortunately, the snap holding in the goggles broke when I was removing the lenses. So they are kinda worthless atm.

I've also gotten the jacket to go with the ww2 camo pants I have;

and, finally, I haven't really acquired it. But for now it is kinda mine... My brother's bolt-action arisoft sniper rifle that may not hit hard enough to qualify as a sniper rifle. I really hope it does not, I am not a 'qualified sniper' and apparently that is needed around here to play. I need to get it chronoed.

Good to have you back, Lawren. Nice collection.

Well, this was fortuitous- found a genuinely vintage '40s suit in a charity shop- labled as 40" chest, 40" waist, which I knew couldn't be correct, tried it on- the chest was correct, but the wais was 32-34", my size! Button fly, braces button, high waist, absolutely spot on!
And with a raygun:

Though I do love fedoras my usual mode of dress if I'm  going old school is more in this line...

Great look on both of you. I wear either one depending on my mood and the circumstances.

Komissar Hass, that's a very Captain Jack Harkness look there. :)

Herr Döktor I've got a suit like that; hadn't considered that look though. I'm going to have to copy your style there.

Johny, I even don't know whether I must be happy or not by comparison with " the first openly non-heterosexual character in the history of televised Doctor Who" ))))

Spooky, a very impressive look.

So like, Jack Harkness is the hottest thing outside of David Tennett's Dr. Who, so I have no idea why you should be offended.  

Mein Panzergotten! Lady Katza, William Cooper, comrades, what's wrong with you? Did I put too few smileys after my comment? Or our community is so greatly influenced by the "political correctness" of the modern world, so it is illegal to make jokes about sexuality? I had absolutely no feeling of offence from Jonny B. Goode's comment, and neither the will to offend any hetero- homo- or bisexuals, and Dr.Who fans alike. 

Oh, I just saw closed parenthesis, and my tone was not meant to be defensive, but rather pointing out why its a GOOD comparison.  

okay, peace:)

I love this community we have here. Civilized people working out misunderstandings and such. You guys rock!

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