Dieselpunk + Steampunk Culture

Use this thread to flash us with your own dieselpunk outfits! Let's see what you look like when you step out on the town!

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Awesome photos, Robert!

Thanks! Much appreciated!

Komissar Hass said:

Awesome photos, Robert!

I decided to take my Toy Soldier uniform in a new direction for the premiere of Kick-Ass 2, and style it after 1930's pulp heroes. There's a rocket pack on my back; I'll post more pics in a while...

Hey fellas! Just signed up, just learned about decopunk and dieselpunk a bit ago... apparently I've always loved it but I just assumed everything was steampunk.

Welcome aboard!  Good look there.

I thought I'd post a pic from this year's Halloween bike ride. I went as Captain America (Rescue Bucky). On the ride was also a Cap'n Jack Sparrow, and an Airship Captain. We took a couple of shots, calling ourselves the Three Captains. 




I would like to introduce myself. I have been costuming for several years. I have been an active member of the 501st Legion since 2009, have been doing Steampunk just as long, and I was once a Toy Soldier.

Here are a few photos of my 1930's era Gangster. Enjoy!

Nice Tommy ya got there.  Airsoft?

Thanks! Actually it is a Denix made non-firing replica. Bolt functions, trigger functions, and barrel drum is removable.

Weighs a hefty 11 pounds!

Going to take more photos after my trousers are hemmed for my new pinstripe double-breasted suit.

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