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Use this thread to flash us with your own dieselpunk outfits! Let's see what you look like when you step out on the town!

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Lady Katza, that is such a beautiful dress! You look gorgeous. I love the wicker handbag too.


Where did you take these photos? Awesome building and cool advertisements!

Thank you Theda! (and everyone)  My husband took the photos in the 'historic district' of our little town just north of Atlanta (near Lake Allatoona).  Its a whistle stop town.  The handbag my daughter picked out at a vintage store in Nashville when we went to see the Golden Age of Couture exhibit.
This is some great pictures! It's really cool to see that somebody are putting their heart into it.

My latest costume for Maker Faire 2011:

Well done, sir.
Excellent!  Also, nice bookshelves.
Nice, I like it.

Here's my outfit from SPWF:


And my profile pic:

Well aren't you snazzy!
Very cool, Brendan.
Diesel Von Stauffenberg? Nice!
Thanks so much! I was going for kind of a cross between that and Sky Captain, but mostly i just love eye patches! :-)

Cap'n Tony said:
Diesel Von Stauffenberg? Nice!

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