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Use this thread to flash us with your own dieselpunk outfits! Let's see what you look like when you step out on the town!

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@J-me: I don't have any plans to change the color. Plus its one-of-a-kind made by a fantastic LARP guy in England, paintjob included (its made of impact-resistant plastic).

@Rick Ivansek: Nice getup there! You all look fantastic. I especially love the right lady's rifle. What do I have to do to get one? ;)

btw, there had been a number of outstanding outfits, judging from the gallery of vul-con 2012 associated with Dust Day: http://www.flickr.com/photos/78940022@N03/sets/72157629809551254/


ok buddy,  here's an idea that might help you. I would suggest going to the closest Goodwill / Salvation Army / Thrift Store / used clothing shop.  ...-a military surplus store would work as well but they're usually a bit more expensive-  So I suggest finding one of these places where you can pick up a cheap shirt for anywhere from $3.00 to $12.00. I don't know where you are, but this is pretty common in the U.S. So, I would suggest finding an old military button-up shirt. Something black, brown, green, blue...anything solid. Now, find one or two military-type patches. they can be stripes / rank insignia / small emblems, or even some kind of name tag. Next, make it look a little renegade. Many military people actually love wearing their uniforms but we wish that we had the option to individualize them. So, any military guy gone renegade / Sky Pirate would still have a half- military uniform on but maybe it would have something special to give it a special look... maybe a small flower or a ribbon. Maybe a simple cord or thin rope wrapped around one shoulder. Find a metal ring of some sort...some kind of "trash" type element, like maybe an old bullet CASE without the bullet. Find a way to attach this to some thin leather cord or metal necklace. Now, instead of wearing this around your neck (which you Could) maybe pin it to your shirt or wrap it around the epaulette of the shirt. These are just a few ideas that come to mind. Play around and see what you get. Feel free to let it be a little sloppy. So far, your outfit is very "store-bought" and clean and uniform-like, so now it's time to make it personal and show that your character has had some experiences...some battle damage, some wear and tear. Feel Free to contact me if you want to talk more about it or see some images of what I'm talking about.   

Salim Farhat said:

Well I sorta had a realistic look in mind at first, but I figure it does need more accessories.

I think a shirt would go well underneath it, but what kind of shirt? A tie and the like isn't really his type. I mean he's an air pirate operating from a flying aircraft carrier, something a little more rough around the edges would be good. I was thinking of getting a tank top or just a plain green shirt or something. I might decorate or have it specially created with a message on it, like a the symbol of his pirate crew.

I actually do have a holster, and that's where I store the toy gun. It isn't too prominent, but I guess when I have the time and money, I might head back to the surplus store and get the extra big holster I found there, and then made a special harness to sling it on my leg for quick drawing. I might just add a few toy grenades for the heck of it. As for the character concept, I do have an idea, but I've yet to flesh out most of the details. He's in a pirate gang because he went AWOL from his original air service because he wanted revenge on those who killed his comrades, and he believed that his side was too 'soft' on them.

J-me said:

Went back and looked at yours again Salim to try to help give you some ideas

I think it feels like its missing something cuz its all (well mostly) just black

Maybe if you had your jacket half zipped and had some interesting shirt, shirt and tie, or shirt and vest combination it might add some depth to it

Also perhaps if you swapped out some of your black things for colors, even greys or tans if you want to stick to neutrals

And maybe if you had more places to stash weapons it might look more complete. Maybe some sort of holsters/harness type set up. It might help break up the large blocks of color.

A good thing to think about with being a sky pirate, even if he's in the sky, he still is a pirate. Think about who he has fought, where they were from, what might they have had that he decided to keep. It really helps flesh out a pirate costume if you've got a little booty.

I'd like to join in with recommendations for Salim:

1) as a big fan of goggles, I suggest "personalizing" the existing pair, e.g. add some metallic parts, or some paint, or some gears or additional lens, so their look will be more "*punk".

2) another important part, especially concerning the "aerial" background - add a scarf, or a kuffiya on a neck, that can protect it and serve as a kinda "respirator". I believe you wouldn't find suggesting a look like in a picture below offensive or "stereotyped".

   Yeah, this is a great look, so far, Salim. Now I would just add a patch or two to the jacket; I used to have a blue one like yours...I can't even think of how many patches I had on it! They went all the way up and down one sleeve in multiple layers and I had several on the front, as well. My little sister "stole" it from me. For yours, I would just add one or two every now and then. Let it grow organically. Maybe add some from WW2, some from modern times. Random, obscure stuff might work best. It would even be fun to make some....? Maybe a new project is brewing....? 

Salim Farhat said:

several accesories that add dieselpunk flavour to my everyday life (please do not punish me for "advertising" Fossil, Skullcandy and Roc Nation:))

those headphones... Skullcandy Aviators... i now need them, so nice looking!

those would look the business, with most of my wardrobe...

i wonder how they compare to my usual senheiser cans...

Komissar Hass said:

several accesories that add dieselpunk flavour to my everyday life (please do not punish me for "advertising" Fossil, Skullcandy and Roc Nation:))

by the way, their sound is pretty good as well:) another pic, slightly instagrammed:

nice phones.

i'm going to have to buy some of those...

Komissar Hass said:

by the way, their sound is pretty good as well:) another pic, slightly instagrammed:

thanks dieselpunks shop, otherwise I'd hardly know about them.

gordon eight said:

nice phones.

i'm going to have to buy some of those...

Here's a photo of me with the white trilby.

Thanks for all the advice guys, and those are some awesome dudes, I especially love the headphones. And Johnny B. Good, you like a living anachronism, which is awesome!

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