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Since when did "noir" become a codeword for "goth" on the internet?

I must be getting old.

When I look for "noir" on Google, a ton of goth sites pop up.

Since when did "noir" become a tween codeword for "goth" on the internet?

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Probably you're right. Noir, Dark, Goth, who cares? We've already seen a lot of "steampunk" goodies that only discredit the genre, having nothing in common with it. I'm afraid that equally stupid "dieselpunk" merchandize is about to fall on hour heads soon.
Delight Worthyn said:
I blame Etsy.Many merchants tag in questionable ways and this is probably where it begins.Many "goth" items are tagged "noir" as a sort of synonym for dark.They have no context.
I think the meaning has been shifting for several decades. Originally film noir -- "black film" -- was a description of a specific filming technique, which produced a distinctive on-screen look -- night shots, wet streets, creeping fog, angled shots, long shadows, dark rooms with minimal sources of light, and, of course, the all-too-familiar stripes of moonlight or lamplight through the slats of venetian blinds. That was what made it 'noir' -- the heavy use of shadow with minimal light, in sharp contrast to the brightly overlit sets of most films. Noir -- perhaps originally for reasons of low budgets rather than any specific æsthetic reason -- wanted to use the camera to obscure the scene, rather than to bring everything into clear, sharp, focus.

Naturally, such an approach created a characteristic mood, which turned out to agree with the kind of hardboiled detective story with femme fatale (and other stories of mystery and murder) that the studios were churning out to fill the B-slot on the double feature. So the meaning of 'noir' got transferred from the look of the film to the content, and a lot of things have now gotten called noir that don't necessarily look noir -- or even to artistic forms that have no visual content at all.
Not sure.
Well as a former goth maybe I can help.  Noir does mean black, so perhaps thy are useing it as a more literal term.  Second when I was running with the kids many of us did enjoy Noir films.  Third sometimes words just get new meanings, I am still confused how urban now also means black youth.  And always remember language has, is, and will always be the most mutable part of any culture as history has shown us.
Going by club names and z-list goth bands, the answer to the OP's inquiry is "around 1992".
Oh just get all literal why don't ya ;)

Doc Toxo said:
Going by club names and z-list goth bands, the answer to the OP's inquiry is "around 1992".

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