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As requested by Tom. These were all we got before security started asking us to stop.

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Thanks, Neil.
No worries.
Security prohibits photography inside the building? That's bull.

Are there any camera ninjas in the audience looking for a big score? Capture the Chrysler Building!
I think someone needs to get that glorious office near the top. The one in the Aviator.
This is strangely familiar to Bioshock...hehe
I am most intrigued as to why they don't allow cameras in the building.. I can understand with actual art work (paintings etc) at the flash can cause fading.. but it seems ridiculous in this case to not allow cameras in general. I may have to journey out there and investigate. .
Selling the iconography and artwork is a source of income for the building. They don't want you snapping pictures. They want you to buy their postcards, and their posters.

Art preservation is a myth.
It was when we started snapping shots of the stair-well that they got truly snotty with us. Maybe if you ask in writing before visiting you could get a tour?
I would probably snap and end up in jail.

"Man attempts to secure small, homemade flying machine to the observation deck of the Chrysler Building. States 'it's what it was built for.' More at eleven..."
Bravo! .. wouldn't that be a story! ..I imagine it would bring a few more tourists out too!

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