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Martin Luther King proclaimed fifty years ago that he had a dream. The speech he held on the stairs of the Abraham Lincoln monument in Washington is perhaps the most famous in history. Nearly a century after Lincoln abolished slavery followed by the infamous segregation politics, African Americans demanded their civil rights.

A speech, well written and well-spoken, can persuade a country and change the world. I want to give you the chance to do this for your faction! In honor of Martin Luther King I made a little speech writing competition for you. Words can be more powerful than guns, and your words will rally the troops!

The Rules
- Speeches can be written, but you can also make an audio or video recording;
- Submission will be judged on originality and rhetoric used;
- Written submission should be no longer than 500 words;
- Audio and video submission should be no longer than 5 minutes;
- Add your account name or character name to your submission;
- The deadline for the competition is September 11 2013.

NB – You can leave your submission on one of our social media channels, the forums or send it to community@isotx.com

The Prizes
First place: A character slot and a unique March of War USB-stick
Second place: The most expensive unit for your faction
Third place: A battleslot

The three winners will also get a printed edition of the World News.

Everybody who sends us a submission will get a special medal in March of War!

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