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Hi folks, long time no see. Check this out:

On the left is my Granda, who I had never seen a photo of till today. On the right is, well, you know who that is. Spooky.

I had always assumed he was an infantryman in Europe based on his medal group (39-45 medal, 39-45 star and Europe medal) but that doesn't look like a british army uniform. My cousin who found the photo believes he trained spitfire pilots in South Africa


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Very cool!

No idea about the uniform, but the photos are uncanny.

Apparently the hat with the white band is an RAF trainee's

I've also just learned my grandma (wo)manned a machine gun on the north east coast of england. She always told us she had been a hairdresser

It's funny how much we look like our ancestors sometimes.  My mom has a photo of me at 20 next to a photo of my Great-great-Grandad at the same age.  Uncanny. 

As I'm the first of my family to ever wear a uniform I'll have to just guess what they might look like.  (great-great was in the Royal Navy at 15, but no photos exist assuming he had much of a uniform as a common sailor back in the 1870s).

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