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Hi everyone,

The stage is getting set to begin Dieselpunks' first online RPG.

Here's what I'm going to do to make things easy on everyone involved.

Once I have the basic locations mapped out and the ground rules are laid, I'll start a new Group for the game.  Inside the group, there will be threads for each location along with some plot points to draw inspiration from.

As members of the Group, you'll be able to start your own threads and set up your own locations as needed.  When people post, you can choose to stay updated via email on a group-level or on a thread level.  For example, if you only care about the hard-boiled Black Cat Speakeasy crowd and couldn't care less about what's happening at Calloway's Dance Hall, you can make that decision.

The setting will be an alternate reality "Atlas Shrugged" inspired mega-city named Titan set somewhere between 1925 - 1945.  It will be presented as realistic, but you're welcome to make characters as realistic or pulpy as you'd like.  As long as everyone plays nice, the playground is open for everyone.

Any questions?

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Count me in.
Guess I need to go read Atlas Shrugged. Can't wait until this is all set up!
I never read it either its on the top of my list now!
As for the rp it has more or less started please feel free to join in on an existing story line or start a new one. Plenty of room for everyone!

why not take it virtual?

@Myke - No need to read Atlas Shrugged, unless you want to.  The setting isn't based on that book.  It's just an inspiration.

@Nyx - We're on the internet.  How much more virtual can you get?

I created the new RPG Group and started building the framework last night.


We're currently looking for staff who can keep an eye on the game to make sure it's running smoothly.  If you're interested, please let me know via email > tome@dieselpunks.org.

If you have any specific ideas for the game or any suggestions on what should be included in the framework, chip in your two cents here.

I'm in. Looking forward to it.
virtual platforms that allow for avatar and real time interaction such as Inworldz
@Nyx - If you have the knowledge to program it and make it look great, then I would love to use it.

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