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SteamCraft - The Cthulhu mythos mixed with Steampunk

SteamCraft is a new comic book from Antarctic Press that mixes the Cthulhu mythos with steampunk.  Written and illustrated by David Hutchinson, you can expect this abomination of the aether in April of 2012.

With strange eons, even death may die, unleashing ancient horrors upon our world. They rise from the abyss or descend from the stars, caring no more for our existence than we care for the random atoms about us. Yet there are those who dare to strap on their brass and leather, shoulder their plasmotic rifles and stoke up the boilers to their super-cannons, land crawlers, submersibles and airships. Steam will save the world!

Via: http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/comics/1882

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Lol, well somebody had to do it!

Looks like a visit to my local comic shop is in order so I can put my name on the subscription list.

Definitely worth a look I'd say.

Based on the name I would have assumed a new Steampunk RTS game by Blizzard.

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