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Hi there -

I'm hosting a Halloween / Steam Crow event on October 24th, in Phoenix Arizona. It's going to be a celebration of Halloween, Monster Commute, and our Steam Crow artwork.

You're invited, though I know that some of you are more than 100 miles away. But you're still invited.

I'm going to be showing off my new dieselpunk robot vending machine costume, if I can finish it in time. (Industrial monster design)

Here's a flyer:

Details here:



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Oh, now I see the events page. Sry.
I'm frightened. What will your "dieselpunk robot vending machine costume" be dispensing?

Um... either free buttons, propaganda flyers maybe, stuff like that. I won't really be vending the stuff on display.

I just don't to hear you moaning when you're in the ER with "loose change related injuries."


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